The problem with HyperCard isn’t HyperCard, it’s what people are saying about it.

Written by Steven Levy, The Iconoclast, Macworld February 1988.

Bonus video! Watch Bill Atkinson demo HyperCard live on stage in 1987.

My copy of some kind soul’s long-lost Google Video upload from 2008.

1987: Knowledge Navigator marketing hype

1990: Bill Atkinson leaves Apple for General Magic

1993: Myst: HyperCard as rapid application development tool, plus XCMDs like HyperTint

2004: “The Macintosh at 20” Panel, Macworld Boston 2004

2010: CHM Interview with Hertzfeld and Atkinson: HyperCard, Alice, MacPaint, General Magic

2011: Bill Atkinson on the Jobs Legacy Panel

2013: Eyeo 2013 Presentation on Bill Atkinson PhotoCard

2017: Bill Atkinson on The Legacy of HyperCard

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard for iOS

Computer Chronicles - HyperCard (1989, 1990)

Triangulation Interview with Atkinson, 2016 (part 1, 2)

Triangulation Interview with Atkinson, 2018 (part 1, 2)

HyperDither for Mac OS X - Atkinson’s take on Floyd-Steinberg

Emulated Mac Plus running HyperCard in your browser

Download MP3 ❖ 26.0M