The Newton MessagePad soap opera from product launch to cancellation, and all that could have been.

Check out “Love Notes to Newton” for even more history, interviews, and a great soundtrack. The director, Noah Leon, was interviewed on #262 and the RetroMacCast #440.

Steve Jobs quotes: WWDC 1997, EDUCAUSE 1998, Borg-like compliance and audience hissing at Internet Explorer at MWNY 1998

Hermann Hauser on Intel inadvertently inspiring the ARM: video, transcript

Avie Tevanian on the business decision we didn’t want to hear: direct quote, video (1, 2), transcript (1, 2)

Bob Supnik on Dan Dobberpuhl’s brilliant StrongARM: video (1, 2), transcript (1, 2)

On the memory leak that caused higher than normal recognition failure rates in early OS releases: “I can’t even get my unit to recognize the word ‘Newton’

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