The story behind Apple’s big RISC. Written by Steven Levy, The Iconoclast, Macworld, May/June 1994.

Watch a special Christmas message from MFR.

The Alberta Goat Breeders Association (and the reason for linking to them)

Half-Moon Bay Review article on Jack McHenry

Apple’s extremely terrible internal marketing video for the Power Mac

The Digital Antiquarian’s take on the PowerPC transition

Gary Davidian Oral History (video 1, 2; transcript 1, 2)

Richard Lary’s highly entertaining (but not Mac- or PowerPC-related) career highlights (video, transcript)

Metrowerks CodeWarrior for PowerPC was ready in late 1993. Eat that, Symantec!

CPUShack: A look back at the Motorola 88000 family

The Computer Chronicles visits the Somerset Design Center

Andy Bechtolsheim on Motorola’s slow development cycle (CHM video, transcript)

Rich Siegel: interview podcast with iMore and The Mac Observer; Apple’s “Meet the Developer” on Rich; Rich on Twitter, still developing for the Mac 36 years on

Intro from Power Mac Reseller Training VHS tape with guest appearance from Jack McHenry

Regarding the introductory paragraph: keep in mind that in 1994, the longest QuickTime video I had ever seen was 15 seconds.

Download MP3 ❖ 37.4M