Chris Espinosa on…

  • discovering computers in high school
  • the Homebrew Computer Club
  • unusual user group personalities
  • “after school Apple II demo time” at Apple headquarters
  • the mad dash to rewrite the Apple II manual
  • the product documentation conundrum
  • the open secret about the LaserWriter driver in early 1985
  • how Caroline Rose and others drove simplicity in Macintosh software development

Original text from the “Making the Macintosh” exhibit at Stanford University Library. Original tape available if you’re in the neighbourhood and feel like preserving it and uploading it to :-)

More Chris Espinosa: on Twitter and Tumblr with some early Apple history tidbits [1, 2, 3].

My favourite: Chris gently walking you through an upgrade to System 7 while highlighting its advantages over Windows 3.0.

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