Sheldon Breiner (1936-2019) gives Apple a taste of its own medicine.

Sheldon’s bio at Stanford Alumni Magazine on Sheldon’s quest to find a giant 3,000 year-old Olmec head.

Yes, that’s the late Gerry Davis mentioned in Triumph of the Nerds. Gerry Davis on his relationship with Gary Kildall in his own words.

Not very much ado about Symantec’s Bedrock: [1, 2, 3, 4]

Original website for Altura Software’s Mac2Win framework. Lee Lorenzen CHM interview covering Xerox PARC, Digital Research, GEM, Ventura Publisher, Fractal Design Painter and the birth of Mac2Win.

Developer Jonathan Hoyle on a Mac2Win easter egg. Jonathan Hoyle grilling Steve Jobs about Apple’s developer predicament in 1997. (Hoyle identifies himself in other WWDC 1997 sessions.)

Original text from Macworld, November 1992.

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