Steve Jobs says of the Mac’s logic board “The lines are too close together!” while Burrell Smith surreptitiously adds some means of expansion.

Original text from PC Board Aesthetics, Diagnostic Port.

Jef Raskin: Design Considerations for an Anthropophilic Computer

Jerry Manock/Jef Raskin/Bill Atkinson “convection enhancement device” quote from “The Macintosh at 20” panel hosted at Macworld Boston 2004.

Fiennes on management’s tentative request for iPhone motherboard layout refinement.

Pixar on attention to detail: “We sand the undersides of the drawers.”

Adrian Black showing the 512k expansion decoder circuit to the left of the 68000.

MacGUI’s detailed history of Mac 128K memory upgrades: the Dr. Dobbs article, the early 128k adopter outrage, the high list prices for the Apple 512k upgrade kit.

MacGUI’s collection of original Macintosh memory upgrade boards.

Steve from Mac84TV tries out a 3DFX Voodoo2 card for the Rev A iMac’s Mezzanine slot.

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