Original text from Macworld, February 1991, page 73.

Macworld published a correction confirming the Outbound 2000 series was indeed FCC-certified for home use.

If you’re just gagging to experience the IsoPoint/TrackBar, you can buy one today from Contour Design! HCI guru Bill Buxton on the IsoPoint. Contour Design on YouTube is all RollerMouse, all the time.

Ad for the Outbound 2000-series notebooks, and another where they push the Outbound’s upgradability advantage to PowerBook shoppers.

Outbound 2000-series notebook reviews: [Dec 1991, Sep 1992]. MacUser only did capsule reviews of the 2000 series. :-(

March 1993 obituary for Outbound. September 1993: PerFit service and upgrades available.

Enjoy some gorgeous photos of the original Outbound Laptop System and 2000s from applerooter.net.

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