Apple’s apology for the gigantic expensive Macintosh Portable. Original text from Macworld, December 1991.

Audio clips courtesy of The Unofficial Apple VHS Archive’s collection of Apple User Group Connection tapes, which covered Apple’s PowerBook 1xx launch event for employees in 1991. Got all that?

Television commercials: it attracts mates somehow, it runs everything in 4MB of RAM somehow, and the predecessor to the Yao Ming/Verne Troyer 12-inch PowerBook G4 ad.

Apple telling you how great the design is.

Apple telling you how great the product is.

John Sculley telling you how great he is. Useful if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Apple demonstrating the Microsoft Jump Rope and the Microsoft Wart.

John Medica: R.I.P., press release and tribute by Wake Forest University, also on YouTube.

Computer History Museum - Apple Industrial Design Event (2007) featuring Robert Brunner, Manager of Industrial Design during the PowerBook 1xx era, and Jerry Manock, industrial designer on the Apple II through the Mac 128.

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