Multitasking on the Macintosh evolves beyond Switcher. MultiFinder review by Bruce Webster, Macworld, April 1988. Commentary by Jerry Borrell, Macworld, January 1988.

Correction: Declaring an application’s memory requirements through a SIZE -1 resource began in the days of Switcher. (source: MacTech Spring 1989)

Charismatic IBM evangelist David Barnes selling OS/2 Steve Jobs-style at a 1993 meeting of the HAL-PC Users Group. David’s presentation is in the second half of the meeting.

Memory prices were a hot topic in computer magazines during the DRAM crisis of 1988-1989.

CE Software’s DiskTop: helping you fake multitasking since 1986.

Rick Chapman’s “In Search Of Stupidity” covers the fall of dBase, Borland, OS/2, WordStar, and other things people under the age of 50 have never heard of.

Steve Crutchfield of BeamWars fame has (in the year 2023–I am not making this up) backported Mac OS 8’s relative dates feature to System 6! Download “Today’s The Day” from Macintosh Garden. (discussion, Let’s Play BeamWars)

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