Why didn’t Apple’s Unix-based A/UX become the Mac OS of the future?

Original text by Basal Gangster.

UniSoft mentions A/UX exactly once in the darker recesses of its website.

A/UX 1.0 demo on the Computer Chronicles, 1989. Demo starts at ~19 minutes.

Watch the announcement of Carbon at WWDC 1998. Sean Parent describes how Carbon almost didn’t happen, a classic case of sticking to your guns until Steve Jobs adopts your idea.

The fight over multiuser features and authentication requirements for Mac OS X as told by Avie Tevanian and (separately) Steve Jobs.

Bill Warner tells his story about founding Avid and switching from Apollo workstations to the Macintosh. Individual parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (the Mac part). Cropped 16:9 in one piece. Watch Bill Warner demonstrate the Avid/1 Media Composer on a Macintosh II in 1989 for an Avid promo tape and for WBZ TV Massachusetts.

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