Original text by Deke McClelland, Macworld February 1994.

RayDream Designer and Infini-D merged into a new product called Carrara, which is still marketed by Daz3D. It must still be Carbon under the hood since it only runs on macOS 10.14 and earlier. 27 years is a pretty good life for a personal computer software product.

StrataVision 3D evolved into Strata Design 3D CX. Myst was a walking (spinning?) advertisement for StrataVision, and was featured in at least one Strata ad.

Alien Soup walks you through the AT-AT model and animation he assembled in 1995 with Infini-D.

Update: The 3D rendering posse on the MFR Discord sent this video of Specular International co-founder Adam Lavine demonstrating Infini-D at what looks like a MacWorld Expo booth.

People are still using older 3D modeling and rendering software to reticulate splines in the RetroCGI subreddit.

More olden 3D animation: the ElectricImage Animation System 1.0 demo tape circa 1988. ElectricImage development appears to have ceased in the early 2010s.

Download MP3 ❖ 14.0M